Brush 39
2017 Chevy 3500
2017 Chevrolet 3500 regular cab. It has a five man cab, skid unit with 200 Gal Tank and 250 GMP Pump, forestry lines, hand lines, chain saws and forest / brush fire hand tools.
Rescue 39
2017 F-550
custom 4 Guys, 2017 Ford F-550 crew cab. 4 man cab, 250 gallon water tank w hale pump. Genesis Rescue tools, Rope Rescue equipment, various hand tools, hazmat supplies.
Medic 39
2015 Chevy
2015 Chevrolet 2500, 4 Guys inc. custom quick response medical unit. It has a five man cab and carries basic life support equipment.
Engine 39
2010 Spartan Metro Star
2009 Spartan Metro Star model chassis, 4 Guys Inc custom pumper-tanker. It has a six man cab, carries,1500 gallons of water with a 1500 gpm pump.
Tanker 39
2001 International 4900 / 4 Guys Custom
2001 International model 4900 chassis, 4 Guys Inc custom pumper-tanker. It has a two man cab, carries1800 gallons of water, eliptical tank,1000 GPM pump, three attack lines, 2,000 gallon dump tank, rear dump valve capable of dumping in three directions, air packs, hand tools, portable pump.

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